Need enjoy Cuban cigars comfortable

Fidel Barda standing Havana cigar factory, I can not believe this is the world’s top cigar manufacture: red awning, stripping the walls, low factory gate – Havana Capitol came from as long as 5 minutes, if not coincidence remind students that I almost ignored away.

Cuba’s largest cigar factory


   No guards the door, his head and looked cramped dark patio, sit now ethereal boundaries. Height window silence, beside José Martí (statue) serious horizon, as the walls. Have approached the old man quietly said: “We should have to buy a ticket to visit, but has been a visiting time.”

Cigar Shop


Factory entrance home cigar shop, where the price of buying a cigar, the equivalent in other places to buy a box, but I decided to buy one. In Cuba, in Havana, in Partagás, also the most expensive means the best.

Churchill was as Romeo Juliet cigars spokesperson, Kennedy was as ambassador Wu Puman cigars, Che Guevara was as ambassador Cohiba cigars and all Cuban cigars ambassador is a call Alejandro Robaina Cuban farmer, died in April 2010 of the “Godfather of Cuban cigars.” Cuban cigar brands extant there are dozens, hundreds of varieties, as the top Cohiba, Havana says.

High quality cigars in the best place to grow

Since the 1830s, the cigar box on the use made of cedar because cedar cigar can maintain humidity. Cigars longer, the better the flavor. Using tubes of Romeo Juliet, but also has its flaws, generally fresher cigar tube, the result ripening degree than boxed cigars good.

Handmade cigarette

Cuban cigars are generally used to naturally fermented tobacco about 2 years, the best Cuban cigars tobacco to natural fermentation over 5 years. Hand-rolled cigars better than machine-rolled, and cigarette workers are a true artist. Glass of Mojito (Cuba’s national drink), a cigar, to spend their spare time in the afternoon, then pleasant and simple.

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